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How does Michigan help you enforce unpaid child support orders?

As the primary custodial parent, you collect child support from your ex as a way to offset the various expenses involved in providing for your children. Unfortunately, bitter ex-spouses can sometimes go to extreme lengths to avoid fulfilling their child support obligations.

Ways to address co-parenting issues after a divorce

After Michigan parents have gotten a divorce, disagreements over child custody and visitation rights are common. In a best-case scenario, the parents will agree to put the child's best interests ahead of any lingering issues between them. Still, co-parenting can be complex. Strategies to avoid conflict can be beneficial for the parents and the child.

Being proactive may make a divorce easier to handle

While a divorce can have a financial impact on Michigan residents and others who go through one, it is possible to recover from it. Ideally, individuals who believe that their marriage is going to end will learn as much as they can about their household finances. This could mean reviewing tax returns, looking over bank statements and keeping tabs on a retirement balance. Having regular conversations about money with a spouse could make it harder for that person to hide assets.

Postnups offer protection, peace of mind

Postnuptial agreements are similar to prenuptial agreements in that they are both contracts between the members of a couple. They differ in their timing. Prenups are entered into prior to the marriage; postnups are entered into sometime after the marriage has begun. Among the advantages of these kinds of agreements for couples in Michigan is that they lend clarity to the couple's finances and may correct previous financial errors. If one of the spouses is bad with money, for example, a postnup may deal with the problem and create new money routines.

How exes can co-parent their children at different stages

In order for co-parents in Michigan to be successful, they need to work together while looking out for the best interests of their children. An effective parenting plan involves considering how children respond to separation and divorce at different stages of their lives.

Not all divorces are the same: Be prepared for yours

When you told your best friend that you were planning on getting a divorce, the look on their face was one you couldn't really describe. They sighed and said they knew what you'd be going through and were there to help. It was almost like they were going to go into battle with you and telling you to prepare for the worst.

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