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How can I save money on school supplies?

With the new school year rapidly approaching, many divorced parents in Michigan are thinking about ways to save on back to school supplies. Budgets are tight for many people these days, but it can be especially difficult to cover any additional costs after being recently divorced. The Balance offers a few ways you can save on school costs while also ensuring your kids are well prepared for the upcoming school year. 

Heart issues during your divorce

From anger to depression and anxiety, bringing a marriage to an end can lead to all sorts of negative emotions. When it comes to divorce, the entire process can be very difficult on the heart, and not just from an emotional point of view. Unfortunately, some people have developed heart problems as a result of stress brought on by the divorce process, while others who may have been dealing with high blood pressure or some other serious problem involving their heart health may find that the divorce places additional strain on their heart. As a result, it is imperative to be mindful of your heart and your stress levels during your divorce.

What is gray divorce?

Being married to the same person for decades is the dream of most newlyweds. However, long-term married couples also experience marital issues, and in some cases, they choose to divorce when these issues are too profound to deal with. Psychology Today explains gray divorce and how many people have misconceptions when older people elect to dissolve their marriages. 

Moving forward after divorce when you co-parent

Moving on with your life after divorce is a challenging prospect when you still have to remain in contact with your ex because of the children. Even if you were the person who wanted the divorce, you are still going to feel a range of emotions. It is imperative that you address these and plan for your future.

What are some mistakes to avoid with beneficiary designations?

Along with many other estate planning tools, beneficiary designations are a crucial part of passing your assets along to heirs after you're gone. They apply to things like retirement accounts and life insurance policies, the proceeds of which will automatically go to whoever is designated on the form. While this is certainly convenient, you must ensure that you're taking the right steps, as explained by Kiplinger

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