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Consult A Compassionate Lawyer For Your Divorce

Divorce is not a solution one wakes up and decides upon one day. Divorce is an option you should consider to resolve a contentious or dysfunctional family situation, but it is not a decision anyone should make alone. Consulting with a Michigan family law attorney who is experienced with a variety of situations in simple, complex, contested, and uncontested divorces and separations should be one of your first steps before your intentions are ever announced.

Assertive And Thorough Representation

At The Law Offices of Lorrie J. Zahodnic, P.C., in Macomb County, the first thing Ms. Zahodnic asks someone considering divorce is if there is any hope of salvaging his or her committed relationship. We take a responsible legal approach to life-altering legal matters and help you work on your marriage if it can be salvaged. If not, we take the appropriate steps and help you and your family work through the divorce or legal separation process favorably.

Our approach provides you with the counsel necessary to completely understand the impacts, risks and opportunities of divorce. If we determine that legal options in divorce are in your best interest, we will help you prepare to protect yourself, your assets and your children.

Experience In Many Different Areas

We recognize that you will be divorced to your ex-spouse-to-be for the rest of your life if you have children together, which is why we consider every option to resolve issues amicably. We strive to resolve your legal matters without going to trial, but we will take your case wherever we must to achieve your best possible results in all matters, including:

What Should You Consider Before Divorce?

Michigan is a no-fault divorce state. This means that if you and your lawyer determine that divorce is in your best interest, you are only required to prove to the court one of the following:

  • There is a breakdown in your marital relationship.
  • The objects of matrimony have been destroyed.
  • There is no reasonable expectation of saving your marriage.

However, courts may consider fault when reaching decisions on child custody, child support, parenting time, spousal support, property division, division of business assets and more.

Remember that if these issues are involved, you will be getting divorced to your spouse not from your spouse. You will have a relationship and possible contact with your ex-spouse for the foreseeable future, and especially if you have children.

Financial And Emotional Components Of Divorce

Your divorce will have a financial and emotional component. Most attorneys only handle the financial issues, but Ms. Zahodnic’s experience as an ICU registered nurse and her proven abilities as a former personal injury and medical malpractice attorney have sharpened her issue spotting and communication skills. We provide you with encompassing support and representation in divorce, which includes issues involving estate planning and the financial impact divorce/legal separation may have on disabled family members.

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