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Your children may be the most important consideration in a divorce, separation or post-judgment modification proceeding. Children are precious, and your legal representative should work not just for your best interests, but also for your children’s best interests. You and your lawyer should be prepared to present your case to reflect those interests in child custody and parenting time proceedings for your best possible outcome.

At The Law Offices of Lorrie J. Zahodnic, P.C., we understand your love for your children, and we will advocate aggressively for you in and out of the courtroom. Our strengths and passion are realized in our thorough preparation and compassionate care for both your case and the long-term needs of your loved ones.

One of the biggest misunderstandings we come across with parents is they think they can make child custody or child support agreements without court decisions. The reality is that the judge in your divorce case must follow the law. He or she must make court orders regarding child custody and support. Our close attention to detail will protect your parenting rights and assess such concerns as standard of living, economic standing and parental responsibilities in your negotiations and court proceedings.

What Types Of Custody Are Available?

We help clients resolve issues involving interstate custody, legal custody, physical custody, parenting time, grandparents’ rights and third-party rights, along with the nuances and opportunities of each:

  • Legal custody grants the right to make decisions regarding your child’s education, medical care and religion. Commonly, this is shared 50/50 (joint legal custody) between parties, but other agreements can be made.
  • Physical custody defines where your children reside the majority of the time. Typically, children reside with one parent the majority of time (primary custody) while the other parent is granted parenting time, which is negotiable.

Regardless of the type of custody awarded, no custody arrangement eliminates the responsibility of child support, which is typically based upon:

  • Michigan child support laws
  • Each parent’s financial resources
  • Number of overnights
  • Deviation factors

Resolve Paternity Disputes Through Legal Action

Paternity is one of several sensitive subjects that we successfully handle in a range of situations. Paternity results hold significant ramifications related to issues such as custody, child support, parental rights and adoption, so experienced legal representation and planning are crucial.

Establishing paternity is often as simple as obtaining a court order for a DNA test, but an attorney who is familiar with the impacts and the medical process should always be consulted. Ms. Zahodnic’s medical background and substantial experience allow us to fully assess your case-specific needs, including:

  • Unmarried couple issues
  • Child support and child custody issues
  • Adoptions

Men who sign an affidavit of parentage and are listed on the child’s birth certificate still have no rights until court orders are put into place.

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