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What Our Clients Say

“Lorrie is a knowledgeable, passionate, law shark. I had a very bad marriage and from the consultation she knew I was taken advantage of; deserving of an annulment. She did not take the easy way out with a divorce. She was loyal and fought hard through a trial on my behalf; proving what was legally true. I received what has been described to me, nearly impossible. I also received tremble damages. Lorrie is an amazing attorney. I would highly recommend her for your needs. Thank God for her and may He bless whoever read this message. Divorce is very hard but with Lorrie on your side; she will fight for justice.”


“I called Lorrie Zahodnic to ask for help with my Mother’s estate after her passing. I talked to her about the questions related to outstanding debt, medical bills, and social security. Lorrie helped clarify my understanding of Michigan laws on death. Lorrie was able to assist me with most every detail during our consultation.”


“What can I say, Lorrie is simply Amazing. Professional, Courteous, Kind and Caring. Her Assistant Diane is Amazing too. I would highly recommend Lorrie Zahodnic. And I thank you so much for helping me in my time of need.”


“Lorrie is a god send. She is honest. Does what she tells you she will do. She is worth every dolla!! You get what you pay for and you get the best if you hire her. God bless Lorrie. You can call me to confirm everything I have said about her. My name is Walt; she has helped me in more than one category in this forum… Family, Divorce and so on.”


“Lorrie is an honest, caring lawyer and put me at ease during my circumstances and emotions. She was my backbone. I highly recommend Lorrie for any of your needs. She is very educated and will work to the best of her ability for you.”