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Is co-parenting right for you and your family?

In the past, most child custody agreements came down to one parent, or the other, getting primary physical custody. The other parent would then typically receive visitation. However, in recent years, families throughout Michigan, and elsewhere, are opting to co-parent. However, this option is not necessarily right for everyone. At The Law Offices of Lorrie J. Zahodnic, P.C., we often consult with people who are unsure whether they should attempt to co-parent, or if they should pursue other custody options. In this post then, we will discuss how to decide if co-parenting is right for your family.

TV host to battle estranged husband for custody of unborn child

When a couple with children in the Clinton Township area, or anywhere else, decides to divorce, they will not only have to worry about the usual aspects of divorce, like property division and spousal support, but they will also have to decide who gets physical custody of their children. A custody battle can get even more complicated when an unborn child is involved.

Child custody may be affected by parents' virtual affairs

Husbands and wives in Michigan that are considering ending their marriages have many issues with which to contend. The emotional challenges of a potential divorce are great and can include concerns about loss of a life partner as well as the welfare of any minor children. Decisions such as parenting time, legal custody, child support and others concerning children must be made.

Alimony and child support sought from ex-husband's income source

Divorces with minor children can be extremely complex. Not only do Michigan couples need to find a way to divide marital property and assets but they must identify legal custody and physical custody of their children as well as child support agreements, visitation plans and more. Even after decisions are reached or judgments provided by the court, there can still be challenges if one spouse does not adhere to the stipulations.

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