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What NOT to wear for child custody proceedings

As a Michigan parent, you’re going to encounter may logistics in your divorce. For example, you might need to find someone to watch the kids when you attend court proceedings. You might also have to take off work. Another much more basic issue you’ll need to resolve is deciding what to wear to court for a child custody hearing. 

There are numerous types of clothing that are appropriate for a courtroom. This post, however, will focus on clothing items you should never wear to court. In fact, some types of clothing may compel a family court judge to have you removed from the courtroom, which, of course, would not help your case at all, especially if you were hoping to gain custody of your kids.  

Ripped jeans and flip flops are a no-go for child custody proceedings 

If you enter a courtroom for child custody proceedings, you must be wearing shoes. Flip-flops do not constitute proper footwear for court. Likewise, if you are wearing pants, they should be business casual style. If you plan on wearing blue jeans, make sure they do not have any tears or holes in them. 

The courtroom is a formal setting, and child custody proceedings are a solemn and serious undertaking. Clothing like ripped jeans and flip-flops may be trendy and okay for the beach or for having a few drinks with friends on a Friday night, but such attire is not appropriate for a court hearing.  

Do not reveal your midriff or underclothing inside a courtroom 

Avoid clothing in court that you wouldn’t be comfortable wearing to an important business meeting or job interview. Do not wear a crop top or any clothing item that exposes the private parts of your body. Judges frown upon revealing clothing in a courtroom setting. 

If your outfit is controversial or offensive in any way, the judge may ask you to exit the room due to inappropriate attire. Avoid clothes that are too tight or too baggy, as well.  

Keep accessories to a minimum when you’re headed to court 

Regarding things you don’t want to wear for child custody proceedings, you’ll want to avoid over-accessorizing. If you wear a watch or a few simple pieces of jewelry, that’s fine. However, wearing a lot of jewelry or cosmetics or an outlandish hairstyle is counter-productive because it’s not going to make a positive impression on the judge, which you must do if you hope to gain custody of your children in a divorce. 

Most courts have websites nowadays where you may be able to find a posted dress code. This can save a lot of time and aggravation, especially if you’re unsure what type of clothing is appropriate for child custody proceedings and what clothing items you should avoid.