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Key issues in William Shatner’s divorce

Star Trek fans in Michigan and throughout the country still enjoy watching reruns of their favorite show, which starred Hollywood icon William Shatner. Those who follow stories about Shatner’s personal life are likely aware that he recently finalized a divorce. What may come as a surprise, however, are some of the details, especially regarding property division proceedings.  

The settlement included horse-visitation privileges 

Shatner is a horse breeder, and he and his former spouse had to resolve numerous issues regarding the horses they shared ownership of during marriage. The court approved an agreement for the former couple to split their herd and granted visitation rights so that Shatner’s ex can still spend time with the horses that will be staying with Shatner. A condition was incorporated into the agreement that states that Shatner must be notified ahead of time when his ex plans to visit the horses.  

Shatner’s horse-breeding activities raised unique issues in his divorce 

Another key factor in Shatner’s settlement was that he secured the right to keep all of the horses’ semen. As a breeder, this issue was reportedly very important to Shatner. The former couple also divided property consisting of numerous homes and ranches they owned together. In fact, Shatner retained ownership of one ranch, but agreed that his could visit and harvest fruit from trees on the property. Reportedly, the ranch is the site of her first husband’s grave.  

Every state has its own marital property guidelines 

Horse semen and grave sites may not be common issues in most Michigan divorces. However, Shatner’s settlement underscores the fact that each divorce is unique and many involve complex issues. This is one of many reasons it is always best to seek clarification of marital property laws before heading to court to ensure that one’s financial interests are protected during proceedings.