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Consider the benefits of shared child custody

Working out a co-parenting plan can be challenging. In addition to wanting what’s best for the children, a Michigan parent also wants to make sure divorce has the least amount of negative impact as possible on the kids. Part of the transition involves making decisions about child custody issues.

You may have relatives or friends who have navigated divorce in the past. Perhaps some of them were able to achieve fair child custody plans in an amicable fashion. Others, however, may have had to litigate specific concerns. Asking people about custody issues can help a parent explore various options for his or her own case.

Shared custody means both parents agree to take on responsibilities for providing for children’s day-to-day needs. Regarding issues such as discipline, it can be helpful and less stressful to work as a co-parenting team rather than carry the burden alone.  A shared custody situation can also be beneficial as a parent resumes his or her social life because it is easier to schedule dates when a parent knows exactly when the children will be staying with their other parent.

Another potential benefit of a shared child custody arrangement is that a parent has more time to develop a career goals when the kids are with the other parent. Whether working from home or outside the home it is easier to focus on career goals when a co-parent has the kids 50% of the time. Signing a shared custody agreement doesn’t guarantee that there will never be disagreements on parenting issues. It is helpful to have a support network in place, especially if a legal problem arises.