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Walt Disney’s grandson battling over guardianship issues

Approximately 15 years ago, Walt Disney’s grandson was set to inherit his portion of his mother’s inheritance from his iconic grandfather’s estate. Bradford D. Lund has been in and out of court since then, and still has not gotten the $200 million to which he believes he is entitled. In fact, attorneys representing Lund are suing a county superior court and a judge in another state regarding statements the judge made from the bench about guardianship and other related issues. Michigan residents facing similar probate litigation problems will want to arm themselves with experienced legal support before heading to court.

At one point, there had been questions raised as to whether Lund has Down syndrome. Numerous relatives of his reportedly were upset about the inheritance he is designated to receive, and filed a petition asking the court to appoint a guardian for Lund. However, after a 10-day trial and numerous medical examinations, the superior court judge in that case ruled that Lund was not, in any way, incapacitated or in need of a guardian.

Since then, a probate court judge has apparently disregarded that ruling. In fact, the judge in question has reportedly made statements from the bench saying he does not want to give $200 million to a person who possibly has Down syndrome. Lund’s attorneys have filed a lawsuit against the judge and the entire Los Angeles County Superior Court, asserting that Lund’s personal rights regarding due process of law, as well as discrimination, have been violated.

In Michigan and beyond, guardianship is for circumstances where the person in question is incapable of making safe or sound decisions about his or her person or property. In certain cases, a need for guardianship can delay probate litigation, especially if the question at hand is whether a designated heir or beneficiary is incapacitated. Anyone who believes he or she is being unjustly kept from an inheritance can seek immediate guidance and legal support from an experienced probate law attorney.