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Three signs a divorce may be imminent

Michigan spouses who are having marital problems know that the decision to divorce is difficult. However, there are certain red flags that could indicate that a marriage is heading for divorce.

When couples or families stop eating meals together, this can be an indication that something major is going wrong. This is a time when couples can connect and discuss things that happened during their day. Some say that they don’t want to wait to eat if one partner arrives home late from work. However, this is a signal that the two individuals are completely disjointed.

Addiction can break up families. When the addicted individual refuses to get help, it is often a red flag that a marriage will fail. Addiction to alcohol, drugs, or gambling affects the entire family. This is also the case when it comes to severe mental health issues. If a person will not get professional help, they endanger their marriage.

It is often said that marriage mates who play together, stay together. If a couple is no longer laughing and having fun together, divorce could be imminent. Some couples have been able to rekindle their relationships by engaging in fun activities together that allow them to bond without all of the resentment and anger that may be pushing them apart.

For some unhappy spouses, the thought of ending their relationship is a relief. Before a person makes this decision, however, they may want to discuss the process with a family law attorney. Legal counsel may be able to provide advice regarding divorce mediation, child custody issues, spousal support, alimony and other matters that often arise during divorce proceedings.