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Plan for sharing the news of the end of your marriage

The decision to end a marriage is one that people don’t make lightly. When it is made, the focus centers on how you will tell others about the split. You might not think much about this, however, you don’t want some individuals to find out through word of mouth.

Creating a plan for how you will announce the divorce should be done with your ex, if possible. This can help to ensure that the people who need to know find out directly from one of you. Not only is this good for relationships and friendships you plan to keep, it can also help to keep speculation and misinformation down.

Tell close family first

Ideally, close family members, including parents and children, will be the first individuals you tell about the end of the marriage. These conversations might not be easy to have because these people care about you and will likely worry once they know you are divorcing. If you do have children, you might need to speak to your ex’s side of the family so you can try to start the new phase of the relationship off on a good note.

Talk to friends

The friends that you had during your marriage might be unsure how to take this news. They may feel like they have to choose a side. Hopefully, you will be able to continue an amicable relationship with your ex. This might show mutual friends that they can still continue to be friends with both sides. Sometimes, these friendships won’t continue, so you might mourn the loss. You may find new friends that share your interests now that you are single.

Social media considerations

Social media is a huge part of life now, but try to keep quiet about the divorce until those close to you know about it. Once you do start to post, avoid saying anything negative about the situation or your ex. There is a chance that your social media posts might become part of the divorce. It is always best to protect yourself if you do choose to post.

Remember that your divorce is a unique experience. Don’t fall into the mode of thinking that yours will be like a friend’s. Instead, think about everything as it relates to your circumstances, including the order you tell people and how you relay the message. Now is your time to ensure you are doing what is best for you and your children if you have kids.