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What is the Michigan Parenting Time Guideline?

According to the Michigan Courts, the Michigan Parenting Time Guideline is in place to help parents navigate issues related to joint custody issues, parenting time, and supervision. Both custodial and noncustodial parents can use this guideline to make decisions regarding child care, which can be difficult in the aftermath of a divorce.

Much like most other courts, the state of Michigan believes a child is best served by having a relationship with both parents. Parenting plans must be created with this goal in mind so that the best interests of the child at the center of the dispute. Also, there are many different factors used when creating a parenting plan. For example, any claim of abuse or neglect will be taken seriously and investigated. If it’s determined that these claims are valid, the court will make all custody decisions bearing this information in mind.

The court will also take practical matters into account. For instance, if one parent lives far away from the child this will likely impact the frequency of visits. Any special needs of the child will also be considered, as well as the child’s age. Infants and babies who are nursing will need to spend ample time with the mother to ensure nutritional needs are sufficiently met, which obviously impacts scheduling.

Using these factors, parenting orders will be devised. These orders stipulate a number of responsibilities, including transportation, costs, timelines, whether supervision is required, procedures for scheduling changes, and many other pertinent factors. When creating schedules, many parents come up with their own based on their specific needs. However, the court also provides a sample schedule that parents are free to use.