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February 2019 Archives

How can I maintain a relationship with my children?

When a family splits due to divorce, it is difficult for everyone. As a parent, you need to work to make things as easy on your children as possible. If you are the parent leaving the family home, this poses some challenges. You have to find a way to maintain your relationship and make adjusting easy for them.

Is all property eligible for division in a divorce?

If you file for divorce in Michigan, you may be faced with a host of issues to negotiate and include in your final divorce settlement. One of the most difficult may be that of dividing marital property. It can be exhausting and emotional trying to divide all of the property and assets that were accumulated during years of marriage. You may have grown attached to certain items and find it hard to part with them. Yet, not all property may be eligible for division in a divorce. There may be items that stay with you, even after the divorce is finalized.

What if my ex won’t vaccinate our children?

The vaccination debate is occupied by passionate voices on both sides. This can make parenting with a person holding divergent views extremely difficult, as you both believe you’re doing what’s best for your kids. The following explains how to open a dialogue with an ex who is against vaccinations, as well as further steps you can take.

Do you know the signs of financial infidelity in a marriage?

When people hear the word infidelity, they usually think of a cheating spouse. The phrase is usually applied to individuals who engage in romantic or sexual relationships with individuals other than their spouses. However, that is not the only form of infidelity that can impact a marriage. Financial infidelity is also a serious concern.

Postnuptial agreements in Michigan

You often hear legal experts say that you should enter into a prenuptial agreement prior to your marriage in Clinton Township. Such advice is sound, as it protects both you and your spouse financially. Yet at the same time, many view them as being in poor taste given that prenuptial agreements leave open the possibility that marriages will end (which is likely something neither you nor your spouse wants to contemplate). Plus, you may have also heard that married couples can create postnuptial agreements. Many come to us here at The Law Office of Lorrie J. Zahodnic, P.C. asking if this is true. The answer we offer is often not what they were expecting. 

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