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Determining who pays for extracurricular activities

Although families in Clinton Township may find getting through a divorce to be difficult, live will eventually go on. For many of the kids in such families, that means continuing to pursue their interests through extracurricular activities. The U.S. Census Bureau reports that as of 2014, 57 percent of American children between the ages of 6 and 17 participated in activities such as sports, clubs, dance and music lessons. While most would likely agree that such pursuits help in developing character and assisting kids in building friendships, such activities can also cost a lot of money. This prompts the question of where does the payment of extracurricular activities fit into a child support obligation? 

Will Michigan courts uphold a premarital agreement?

When you and your spouse first decided to get married in Michigan, you had some concerns about the way the state divides marital property in a divorce. The two of you agreed that you would not be the primary wage earner, and you worried that in a divorce, you would not be treated fairly because of your decision.

Handling the negative aspects of co-parenting

A co-parenting relationship is often the best option for the children, but it doesn't always go smoothly. There is a good chance that you, your ex and your children might have some things that need to be addressed when you are in this type of parenting relationship.

A parent's worst nightmare

Divorce can be an excruciating process on its own; when children are involved, this process can become all the more challenging. But for some Michigan parents, the nightmare does not end when the divorce and child custody papers are finalized. Parental kidnapping can occur before this process is even over, and for many, the initial abduction of a son or daughter is only the beginning of a long and exhausting investigation. International parental kidnapping, however, is another story. 

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