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Tips for effective co-parenting

The hard feelings that often accompany the end of a marriage in Clinton Township, Michigan, do not necessarily have to get in the way of the couple’s ability to parent their child. In fact, many are able to work out custody arrangements that allow each of them to maintain a healthy relationship with their son or daughter. Psychology Today points out that co-parenting – successfully sharing responsibilities – is an opportunity for the parents to focus on the best interests of the child rather than their problems with each other.

What you should know about gray divorce

Long-time marriages in Clinton Township, Michigan, are subject to some of the same stressors as those of only a few years, but they also have some unique challenges. Even so, a recent study shows that divorce over the age of 50 is becoming so common, it has a name – gray divorce. The shift may be because people are living longer, while at the same time the Baby Boomer generation wants more from the so-called golden years. Before deciding to end the relationship, it is worth considering whether ending the marriage will solve the problems at hand without creating new ones that are worse.

Property division may include these unconventional assets

If you do not have a complex portfolio, multiple accounts or real estate, you may believe that the property division in your Michigan divorce will be straightforward. You may even decide that you and your spouse can sit down together and come to a reasonable agreement that allows you to file an uncontested divorce. At the Law Office of Lorrie J. Zahodnic, we agree that cooperating to avoid litigation is definitely a worthwhile goal that could save money. However, accidentally failing to include some specifics could lead to issues after the final decree.

Negotiating alimony outside of court

When a couple is planning to file for a divorce in Clinton Township, Michigan, being able to come to an agreement outside of court may benefit both spouses. Even if alimony is part of the equation, Michiganlegalhelp.org states that they may still be able to have an uncontested divorce, as long as they are able to agree.

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