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What does ”best interests of the child” mean?

During your child custody case in Clinton Township, Michigan, you may be concerned about how the judge will determine whether you or your child’s other parent will be allotted more time with your child. Trusting someone else to decide what is in your child’s best interests may be difficult, especially if you are unsure what factors may be considered. According to Michiganlegalhelp.org, there are a number of pre-determined matters a judge will typically consider when making his or her decision regarding your child custody case.

How can a forensic accountant help during a high asset divorce?

In Clinton Township, Michigan, divorce does not have to be acrimonious. However, when you and your spouse are facing the division of complex marital property, trust may be difficult to come by. All sources of income and expenses have to be listed, and you may worry that your spouse is withholding or undervaluing assets, whether intentionally or not. According to Forbes magazine, many couples with widely varied types of income and complex portfolios have addressed the valuation of their marital property by hiring a forensic accountant.

Successful prenuptial agreements promote financial stability

Financial issues often contribute to a divorce in Michigan, which is one reason the discussion of finances before the wedding is essential to its stability. Although it may seem counter-intuitive, working together on a prenuptial agreement could be an important contributor to the success of that conversation. In fact, according to the Michigan Bar Association, the agreement provides both security and predictability to a couple’s financial relationship.

Does age affect alimony in a Michigan divorce?

If you are age 50 or older and you are going through a divorce in Clinton Township, Michigan, it is natural to be concerned about how you will support yourself. According to Michigan Legal Help, you may be eligible for spousal support. There is no set formula, and the amount is determined on a case by case basis, so the judge will consider many factors, including your age and how close you are to retirement, before making the determination.

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