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Wife of billionaire oil tycoon takes aim at big divorce payoff

When people in the Clinton Township area divorce there will always be important decisions to make when it comes to splitting up their assets and determining their spousal support. These decisions are part of almost every divorce. However, when super wealthy couples divorce the stakes get much higher and the battle can get much tougher.

Two-state custody battle over young girl to go to trial

There’s no question that a child custody battle can be one of the most difficult aspects to any divorce. In most cases both parents want to continue being an integral part of their children’s lives. That means both parents usually want to have visitation rights as well as input in any important decisions regarding their children’s future. However, sometimes, couples in Clinton Township just can’t agree on a settlement without legal intervention.

Is changing your name after divorce a good idea?

Of course, when a couple decides to end their marriage they will have to make many important decisions. Almost everyone in the Clinton Township area realizes that they will have to deal with spousal support, property distribution and child custody if they have children. However, there are some other important things to consider that might not get as much attention, but still need to be addressed. For example, what’s in a name?

Billionaire Investor Has Decided to End His Marriage

Most divorce cases in Clinton Township and elsewhere involve people from regular middle class families. In those cases, the couple will have to determine how they will divide their property or let a court decide for them. Although the financial implications are meaningful for these couples they usually don’t carry the same impact as divorce settlements involving high-asset couples.

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