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Prenuptial agreements protect in many situations

Michigan couples that have experienced or are experiencing a divorce understand the challenges and pain involved in the end of a marriage. No matter how prepared one may expect they can be, there is no true way to know all of the hurdles that could arise. Property division alone, for example, can raise dramatic issues unforeseen to that point.

Marriage potentially on the horizon for gay couples in Michigan

The issue of marriage for gay and lesbian couples is one being faced in many parts of the country today, including Michigan. In states where gay marriage is not currently allowed, same-sex couples can opt for cohabitation agreements to help formalize their unions to some degree in the eyes of the law. Having a formal partnership agreement can be helpful when pursuing gay and lesbian adoption or in other situations.

Potential pitfalls for men in a divorce

Men and women in Michigan facing a divorce can be at risk for losing more than they need to if they do not properly make decisions, leaving them at risk for unnecessary financial loss. Divorce settlements can be complex, especially when considering business division or other factors that may be out of the ordinary or include a mix of separate and marital property.

Advantages to non-litigious divorce options

Business division, personal property division, retirement accounts, spousal support and more are just some of the topics that divorcing spouses in Michigan are commonly at odds over. Whether actual dollar value or sentimental value, the identification of who gets what can become emotional and heated all too easily. When needed, courts can make final determinations in divorce settlements when spouses are unable to agree even with the help of their attorneys.

Delineating between marital property and human life in a divorce

Any divorce, no matter how amicable, is a complicated and emotionally challenging experience. From determining the valuation of bank accounts or retirement accounts to agreeing on a parental visitation plan or spousal support, the myriad of decisions to be made can be overwhelming. Michigan spouses going through a divorce face such hurdles every day.

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