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Tips for negotiating a divorce settlement amicably

Even though a couple in Michigan may agree that they want an amicable divorce, when spouses sit down to discuss the details, they may find it more difficult than they thought to keep conflict to a minimum. According to The Huffington Post, there are many things people can do to make their divorce negotiations easier.

Can I force my ex-spouse to obey the divorce decree?

After all your assets and debts have been divided fairly between you and your ex-spouse, and a Michigan judge has issued your final divorce decree, it should be time to start over and move on. But what if you get a bill that your ex was supposed to pay, but did not? What if your spousal support check never comes in the mail? This could be contempt of court, and according to MichiganLegalHelp.org, you have options.

Studies reveal factors that often lead to divorce

The decision to divorce can be the result of an epiphany or a months-long deliberation process. Whether it is one or the other for a couple in Michigan may depend on the reason behind the split. According to Huffington Post, one overarching theme when addressing the main reasons couples divorce is the inability to communicate effectively. This could be in regard to money, unmet expectations or other common sources of conflict.

Dealing with stress during divorce

The emotional strain that led to your Michigan divorce can get even worse as you go through the legal process, making coming to an agreement on property division and custody issues even more difficult. At The Law Office of Lorrie J. Zahodnic, our team often works with people to find solutions to the stresses of divorce.

How do you deal with a difficult ex?

After the end of your marriage in Clinton Township, you are not necessarily free from a relationship with your former spouse. If your divorce was less than friendly, your interactions now could range from difficult to infuriating. Even though you may not be able to reason with your ex, Psychology Today explains that there may be ways you can promote healthier interactions, which is particularly important if the two of you have children.

Are women better money managers following a divorce?

According to an AICPA survey of CPA financial planners, 75 percent of divorced people at retirement age require a better understanding of financial management. Their findings also show that ex-wives are exhibiting more positive financial behaviors following the end of their marriages.

The first frontier for pet custody

For Alaska resident Bobby Poth, dogs are more than man’s best friend. He considers them his children. So much so, he wanted to ease a difficult, life-changing transition for his pets.

Achieving financial security during life-changing times

Divorce is more than emotionally devastating. The financial damage that results from a marriage ending can impact life following the marital dissolution. According to Mark Avallone, author of Countdown to Financial Freedom, divorce planning and financial planning can go hand in hand.

Money is the number one thing on divorcing couples' minds

Divorce is almost never an easy decision. There are many aspects of divorce to consider and many challenges that can arise. People in Clinton Township, or anywhere else who are considering divorce can have a lot of questions and concerns that can have lasting affects.

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