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Developing a fair summer custody schedule

In creating a parenting plan that is best for a child during a divorce in Michigan, spouses may choose to use a standard schedule provided by the state. If they are unable to agree, the judge may use similar guidelines in setting the days and times that each of them will spend with their child. However, according to the Michigan Parenting Time Guideline, by working together, parents may be able to create their own summer custody arrangements that takes their personal calendars into account while still meeting the requirements of the state’s suggested plan.

Happy holidays: Getting your special days on the parenting plan

Whether you and your child’s other parent are getting along during the process of your divorce in Michigan, or you are struggling to cooperate, it is essential to keep sight of your goals while drafting the parenting plan. There are standard guidelines that provide a general overview of the things that you should consider, and many issues such as major holidays and birthdays are covered. We at the Law Office of Lorrie J. Zahodnic, P.C., have helped many parents identify their specific schedule needs in preparation for this critical discussion.

Does the parenting plan affect child support payments?

If you and your spouse have always had different parenting styles, you may find it difficult to come to an agreement on a parenting plan during your divorce in Michigan. The amount of child support is another common source of conflict that often leads to litigation before or after the final court order. According to the National Conference of Legislatures, the state’s court system and child custody and support guidelines take into account the time each parent spends with the child when determining the amount.

Parental alienation syndrome after divorce

After your divorce in Clinton Township, hard feelings between you and your ex-spouse may make co-parenting difficult. However, if your child’s other parent is harboring extreme ill will toward you, it may affect your own relationship with your child, particularly if you are the non-custodial parent. We at the Law Offices of Lorrie J. Zahodnic, P.C., are aware of the damage that an ex-spouse’s bitterness and anger can inflict on a parent-child relationship.

Overnight visits and the father-child relationship

Many parents are able to use basic co-parenting guidelines to set up the visitation schedule after a divorce in Clinton Township, Michigan. Judges consider the best interests of the child, which includes enough time with each parent to develop a healthy bond. When it comes to infants, common wisdom does not necessarily treat both parents as equal. However, according to Psychology Today, the parenting plan should not exclude overnight visits for the father.

How does distance affect the parenting plan?

When you and your child’s other parent are working on a parenting plan in Michigan, developing a schedule you can both live with may be difficult. The primary goal of the court is to ensure that each of you are able to spend quality time with your child. Living in the same town, the hardest part of joint physical custody may be deciding on a neutral location for pickup and drop-off times. However, if one of you plans to move more than 180 miles away, the Michigan parenting time guideline states that the parenting plan may change.

How substance abuse may affect visitation in Michigan

When you and your child’s other parent do not live together, the time your child is away from you may be difficult. If there is a history of substance abuse, you may rightfully be concerned about the safety of the visit. At the Law Offices of Lorrie J. Zahodnic, P.C., we have seen many custody cases involving parents who have a drug problem, and are aware of the potential repercussions if the situation is not addressed correctly.

How does third party supervised visitation work in Michigan?

The court system in Michigan rarely revokes visitation rights because it is considered in the child’s best interests to have time to develop a relationship with both parents. However, according to Michigan parenting time guidelines, if there are concerns regarding your child’s time with the other parent, you may have the option to request supervised parenting time while these issues are addressed.

Don’t let Facebook ruin your divorce

A divorce in Clinton Township, Michigan, can cause significant upheaval. If you are one of those who is able to communicate with your spouse without letting emotions drive the process, you both may be in much better shape than those who resort to litigation. At The Law Offices of Lorrie J. Zahodnic, P.C., we are pleased to work with people who wish to file uncontested divorces. Particularly when a child is involved, the less hostility the parents express, the less traumatic the transition will be. One factor in keeping the process smooth is using discretion on social media sites such as Facebook.

Tips for effective co-parenting

The hard feelings that often accompany the end of a marriage in Clinton Township, Michigan, do not necessarily have to get in the way of the couple’s ability to parent their child. In fact, many are able to work out custody arrangements that allow each of them to maintain a healthy relationship with their son or daughter. Psychology Today points out that co-parenting – successfully sharing responsibilities – is an opportunity for the parents to focus on the best interests of the child rather than their problems with each other.

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