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How does the USFSPA help divorcing military couples?

Alimony can be tricky to figure out even without additional hurdles. Because of extra hurdles, military spouses could struggle even more due to the fact that they often receive unique benefits. The question for many divorcing military couples then becomes “how will these benefits be divided”?

The necessity of alimony and what it entails

Alimony is a prominent part of many divorces. However, couples that are going into their first divorce may not know what that term means. Understanding alimony is necessary in order to fully prepare for the divorce process.

What should you know about post-divorce modifications?

Terms of divorce are not perfect, unfortunately. Even after the finalization of a divorce, situations or circumstances might come up that force a split couple to require modifications on those divorce terms. These necessary changes may also require some amount of additional help, depending on exactly what needs to be accomplished.

Is changing your name after divorce a good idea?

Of course, when a couple decides to end their marriage they will have to make many important decisions. Almost everyone in the Clinton Township area realizes that they will have to deal with spousal support, property distribution and child custody if they have children. However, there are some other important things to consider that might not get as much attention, but still need to be addressed. For example, what’s in a name?

Risk of divorce higher when spouse gets chronic illness

Many circumstances in life can lead to a Clinton Township couple deciding to divorce. Although divorce is usually not an easy decision, sometimes, it is best for the parties involved. However, it’s always important to understand the many aspects of divorce before making any major decisions.

Can spousal support be stopped in the face of cohabitation?

When getting divorced in Michigan, husbands and wives must sort out numerous issues. Divorce settlements frequently need to outline specifics regarding the separation of marital assets and liabilities, a monthly payment amount for alimony or child support, child visitation schedules and more. The income of each person and his or her ability to earn a living can contribute to the ultimate determination of financial support from one spouse to the other.

Business interests can be at risk in divorce

The challenging natures of decisions that must be made in a divorce make it important for couples to seek the input of neutral third parties. Any Michigan residents who have experienced a divorce themselves can attest to this. Divorce settlements can entail details regarding property division, spousal support, child custody and more. Whether simple property division or complex property division, the process is rarely easy on anyone involved.

Advantages to non-litigious divorce options

Business division, personal property division, retirement accounts, spousal support and more are just some of the topics that divorcing spouses in Michigan are commonly at odds over. Whether actual dollar value or sentimental value, the identification of who gets what can become emotional and heated all too easily. When needed, courts can make final determinations in divorce settlements when spouses are unable to agree even with the help of their attorneys.

Delineating between marital property and human life in a divorce

Any divorce, no matter how amicable, is a complicated and emotionally challenging experience. From determining the valuation of bank accounts or retirement accounts to agreeing on a parental visitation plan or spousal support, the myriad of decisions to be made can be overwhelming. Michigan spouses going through a divorce face such hurdles every day.

MLB slugger from Detroit officially files for divorce

When two people decide it’s time to divorce there are so many things they need to consider. Property division, alimony and the custody of children are all things that can come into play with divorce. Each of those things can be difficult for anyone, as well, including those considering divorce in the Clinton Township area.

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