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Actress involved in custody dispute

From relocation to property division and alimony, there are a wide variety of challenges that some parents have to deal with after a divorce. However, child custody matters can be particularly emotional for parents in Clinton Township, Michigan, and throughout the United States. Whether parents are fighting for visitation rights or legal custody of their child, it is very important for anyone who is in this position to closely evaluate the ins and outs of their situation and pinpoint the smartest course of action.

Assisting parents who are fighting for child custody

Each day, parents throughout the United States struggle with emotional pain and stress due to child custody disputes. If you are dealing with this firsthand, you probably understand how difficult a custody dispute can be. At the law offices of Lorrie J. Zahodnic, P.C., we work hard to help parents who are in this position understand their legal options and identify the best path forward. If you live in Clinton Township, it is very important to understand how child custody laws in the state of Michigan could impact your case and ensure that you take the appropriate course of action.

Two-state custody battle over young girl to go to trial

There’s no question that a child custody battle can be one of the most difficult aspects to any divorce. In most cases both parents want to continue being an integral part of their children’s lives. That means both parents usually want to have visitation rights as well as input in any important decisions regarding their children’s future. However, sometimes, couples in Clinton Township just can’t agree on a settlement without legal intervention.

Divorce and custody battle gets heated for host of 'The View'

When a couple in the Clinton Township area decides to split up there are many different outcomes that can occur. When you add children to the mix, the situation can become even more complicated. Meantime, if there is an unborn child involved, especially when a surrogate is carrying that child, the situation can get really difficult to settle.

Actress claims husband using custody of son for monetary reasons

When a couple with children decides to end their marriage there are many difficult issues that will have to be worked on and eventually settled. One of those issues can be the custody of any children involved, as well as the amount of monthly child support one parent might have to pay the other. These issues can get very complicated, which is why some couples in the Clinton Township area have to go to court to settle their differences.

Michael Jackson�s son tells his biological mother to �beat it�

Not all child custody cases are alike. Although in most cases parents in Clinton Township want what’s best for their kids, they don’t always act in the most appropriate way when it comes to legal custody battles. In fact, some parents end up only having their own best interests in mind.

Child custody may be affected by parents' virtual affairs

Husbands and wives in Michigan that are considering ending their marriages have many issues with which to contend. The emotional challenges of a potential divorce are great and can include concerns about loss of a life partner as well as the welfare of any minor children. Decisions such as parenting time, legal custody, child support and others concerning children must be made.

Alimony and child support sought from ex-husband's income source

Divorces with minor children can be extremely complex. Not only do Michigan couples need to find a way to divide marital property and assets but they must identify legal custody and physical custody of their children as well as child support agreements, visitation plans and more. Even after decisions are reached or judgments provided by the court, there can still be challenges if one spouse does not adhere to the stipulations.

Understanding the high cost of child support

A divorce is typically one of the hardest things a person can experience. From the emotional trauma to the financial challenges associated with it, divorce affects every portion of a person’s life. The impact is even greater when there are minor children involved and decisions relating to parenting time, child support and more must be agreed upon.

Parents of teen mom seeking sole rights in child custody battle

The battle over a child, whether between a married or unmarried couple, can be a very difficult circumstance. Although both parents typically want what's best for the child, there are many factors that determine what exactly is best for the child or children in question. It's important that a person facing a custody battle in Clinton Township knows all the legal ramifications.

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