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A postnuptial agreement may create balance in a relationship

For couples in Michigan who find their marriage on shaky ground because of a lack of trust or other issues, a postnuptial agreement may be a way to restore balance to the relationship. For example, according to Forbes magazine, these legal documents can include a clause that defines some financial penalties if one spouse cheats

Divorcing without losing your permanent residence status

You married your spouse in good faith, expecting your new life together in Michigan to be a loving one where you both would thrive. However, sometimes relationships just do not work out. If you are an immigrant and your residency in the United States is conditional on your marriage, you may wonder whether you must stay in the unhappy relationship to keep from losing your status. We at The Law Offices of Lorrie J. Zahodnic, P.C., understand the allowances the law makes for people in these circumstances.

Important statistics about gray divorces

Although conventional "wisdom" claims that half of all marriages end in divorce, couples in Michigan do not actually face those odds. Still, according to Pew Research Center, Americans over the age of 50 who are questioning the personal value of their marital relationships are included in a group facing rising divorce rates. In 2015, based on the most recent census results, 10 out of every 1,000 couples in the 50+ age group are getting a divorce.

Mediation isn't a sprint, it is a marathon

One of the most difficult things to do when you are going through a divorce is to be patient while the process moves forward. In many cases, people want to get their divorce over and done with as quickly as possible. Trying to hurry up and rush things might be tempting, but it could lead to difficulties with the divorce.

Trustees validated in protecting assets during divorce

Asset and property division can become one of the most complex (and contentious) aspects of divorces occuring in Clinton Township. That is because these matters typically go well beyond the simple question of "who gets to keep the house?" Gifted assets, retirement benefits and investment accounts are also considered. Estate affairs can also become embroiled in divorce proceedings, particularly in cases where only one side is party to an estate and thus elgible to profit from its benefits. The other side might try to argue that if an estate or trust account was valid while the two were married, it should be considered a marital asset. 

Lies and contempt could lead to jail time

Whether or not a spouse feels that the property division is equitable and fair in a Michigan divorce, he or she has to abide by the rules of the process. This includes reporting all assets and forms of income, as well as obeying the final divorce order. Consequences of failing to do either of these two things could be serious.

How do you figure alimony without a judge’s input?

When it is obvious to you and your spouse that after the divorce, he or she is not going to be self-supporting for at least a little while, you may want to consider the factors that the Michigan court uses to determine spousal support. If you see that alimony is likely, you may want to examine your circumstances and try to work out a settlement yourselves. If you successfully create a fair agreement, you may not have to trust the decision to a judge who does not truly understand your situation.

Ease the stress of divorce with mediation

Couples in Michigan who are divorcing may choose to use mediation instead of the going through the traditional court system. Mediation is more informal, and it is often a more peaceful and less stressful way to make agreements on family and property division issues. Mediation is led by a neutral party who is specially trained to work with both parties and determine an arrangement that is agreed upon.

Tips for negotiating a divorce settlement amicably

Even though a couple in Michigan may agree that they want an amicable divorce, when spouses sit down to discuss the details, they may find it more difficult than they thought to keep conflict to a minimum. According to The Huffington Post, there are many things people can do to make their divorce negotiations easier.

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