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What is a cohabitation agreement?

For same-sex couples, the term cohabitation agreement may crop up frequently. It is a viable alternative for couples that do not have the ability to marry. It can come in handy especially in states where gay marriage has not yet been legalized. But what is a cohabitation agreement?

Fate of same-sex marriage ban now in the hands of federal judge

Although several states have legalized same-sex marriage, there are many others who have yet to do so, including Michigan. However, many same-sex couples throughout the state, including some in the Clinton Township area, are fighting for the right to marry. Their fight recently made it to federal court.

Attorney General enacts equal rights for gay couples

While same-sex couples in Michigan are still not allowed to marry under state law, they continue to press on for their rights. In the meantime, people in non-traditional unions can take advantage of what the law does allow. This may include the forming cohabitation agreements or the participating in gay and lesbian adoption. No matter how each couple chooses to address the situation, most still hope that the trend will continue to allow more rights to gay or lesbian partners.

Same-sex spouse denied change of name

With the New Year underway, gay and lesbian couples in Michigan are looking forward to the outcome of a challenge to the state’s ban on gay marriage, scheduled by a federal judge for this February. In the meantime, couples can create cohabitation agreements or other non-traditional unions to help solidify their commitment to each other. They can also get married legally in any of the states that currently allow gay marriage.

Prenuptial agreements important if gay marriage is legalized

While the future of same-sex marriage in Michigan is of yet undecided, so is the future of same-sex divorce. In our society, it is simply a matter of practicality that if we are to consider marriage for non-traditional unions, options for divorce should also be considered. For now, legal cohabitation agreements are the most common method of formalizing a union between gay or lesbian partners in Michigan.

Tribal laws can allow same-sex marriages

The topic of same-sex marriage is one that taking great attention around the nation. Each state seems to have different ways of handling the laws surrounding marriage and non-traditional unions. While Michigan residents wait for a change to the current ban on gay and lesbian marriages in their state, others around the nation do the same.
A recent news article, however, reported on an interesting loophole for gay marriages in Michigan and in other states. This statute applies specifically to people of Native American descent. Some tribal laws have been passed to allow the legalization of same-sex marriages under their jurisdiction—even in states where the overall state law does not permit it.

Marriage potentially on the horizon for gay couples in Michigan

The issue of marriage for gay and lesbian couples is one being faced in many parts of the country today, including Michigan. In states where gay marriage is not currently allowed, same-sex couples can opt for cohabitation agreements to help formalize their unions to some degree in the eyes of the law. Having a formal partnership agreement can be helpful when pursuing gay and lesbian adoption or in other situations.

New tax law only one small step for same-sex couples

Gay and lesbian couples around the nation, as in Michigan, continue to face uphill battles for equal rights. A handful of states allow and recognize same-sex marriages and even have rules for same-sex divorces but most still ban people in non-traditional unions from being married and enjoying the same benefits as heterosexual married couples.

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