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Custody evaluators can be biased towards battered moms

Domestic violence is not a new issue that women and children in Michigan deal with. However, despite the public attention it has received, a report shows that a large number of court officials have beliefs about battered mothers that can influence their decisions over custody. The report, which was submitted to the National Institute of Justice, was based on a survey conducted on more than 1100 people connected to the topic, including some survivors of abuse, attorneys, judges, workers in domestic violence programs and custody evaluators.

Oakland County judge under fire over custody case

No parent in Clinton Township who is going through a custody dispute will say that it is easy.  Emotions are running high as each parent tries to convince a judge to rule in his or her favor. There are often arguments over how much time the children spend with each parent and which parent will maintain legal and/or physical custody. In some cases, parents accuse each other of alienating their children from them. Regardless of the nature of the battle, it is up to the judge to keep a cool head but sometimes even a judge will lose patience.

Amicable divorce impacts children, too

When a couple divorces in Michigan, the parties must determine many things, including whether or not there will be any alimony or child support payments. When there are children involved, they often do as much as possible to reduce the impact on the children. This typically involves trying to get through the divorce as amicably as possible. A recent study found that whether or not the divorce was amicable did not significantly make a difference on the impact on children, according to Woman'sDay.

What might cause you to lose child custody during divorce?

Although in the past, mothers traditionally won most custody cases, today court decisions are largely gender neutral. According to The Huffington Post, statistics illustrate that about half of fathers who petition for custody win. Although many couples seek joint custody, there are situations in Michigan where you might choose to fight for sole or majority custody. When this is the case, there are a few situations that may work against you.

Separating your feelings from your child’s during divorce

The way your Michigan divorce affects your own life may easily become a major focus during the months immediately before and after you or your spouse files the paperwork to begin the proceedings. As a parent, you may also worry over how your child’s life will be affected, and how you will deal with the loss of contact that is typically a part of co-parenting. At the Law Office of Lorrie J. Zahodnic, P.C., we often work with parents who have concerns about custody outcomes.

If your spouse files for custody first

Whether or not you and your spouse have talked about custody issues while discussing your divorce in Michigan, it is a topic you will have to address, one way or another. According to MichiganLegalHelp.org, being served with custody papers rather than being the one who files for custody does not necessarily have an impact on the final ruling. However, what is included in those documents may, so it is essential to examine the information carefully, even if you and your spouse have already gone over it together.

Technology gives divorced parents a hand in working together

After a divorce involving minor children, many Michigan parents may find it challenging to figure out how to work together to raise their children. Despite wanting the best for their kids, the conflicts that led to the divorce may creep into parenting issues and get in the way of positive communication that helps the kids. What can people in this situation do?

What is an established custodial environment?

If you or your child’s other parent is interested in making changes to your child custody agreement in Michigan, the judge will have to determine whether the modification is in the best interests of your child. According to the Michigan Custody Guideline, this includes verifying whether there is an established custodial environment already in place in your home, the other parent’s home, or both.

Who’s going to pay for college?

Whether your child is approaching high school graduation or just beginning kindergarten when you begin the divorce process in Michigan, college tuition is likely to be a cost you will want the other parent to help pay. If it is not included in your agreement, though, there is no guarantee that your child will have the benefit of both parents’ financial support.

Friendship after divorce

Children are often vulnerable to emotional trauma when they are exposed to parental conflict during and after a divorce in Michigan. Many parents attempt to alleviate this by seeking family and individual therapy and by hiding the conflict between them as much as possible. However, according to Psychology Today, there are other steps that may be in the child’s best interests, as well.

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