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A parent's worst nightmare

Divorce can be an excruciating process on its own; when children are involved, this process can become all the more challenging. But for some Michigan parents, the nightmare does not end when the divorce and child custody papers are finalized. Parental kidnapping can occur before this process is even over, and for many, the initial abduction of a son or daughter is only the beginning of a long and exhausting investigation. International parental kidnapping, however, is another story. 

Custody, visitation, and the holiday season

Disputes over child custody and a parent’s pursuit of his or her visitation rights can be a very sensitive, emotional topic. However, there are certain times of year, such as the holidays, in which these matters can have even more of an emotional impact for parents and their kids.  If you are in the middle of a custody dispute, or are pursuing visitation rights to see your child, it is particularly important to approach your case carefully.

How Michigan courts determine child support payments

Stories abound in Michigan about the aftermath of divorce and the cost of child support. Those stories tell of unfair payment amounts that prevent noncustodial parents from having a nice apartment, new car or some of life's little extras, such as tickets to a football game. Some of these tales are surely exaggerations, while others may seem to be all too true. So, how is the amount of child support payments determined?

If my ex-spouse has not paid child support, what can I do?

If the other parent to your children is the subject of a child support obligation and is not paying, Michigan law provides for many kinds of enforcement. Some enforcement options directly provide payments more expeditiously. Others do not make direct payments but put pressure on the other parent to start complying with the child support order.

Co-parenting schedule negotiations may be easier with a mediator

Even though you and your spouse have different ideas about how you want your co-parenting schedule to look after your Michigan divorce, you can probably agree that you both want what is best for your child. Many people use this as the basis to work things out with a mediator rather than allowing the judge to review each side and make an arbitrary decision. At The Law Offices of Lorrie J. Zahodnic, P.C., we often provide mediation services for people who want to come to an agreement rather than engaging in a legal dispute.

Why do I need the court's permission to move out of Michigan?

When you and your former spouse divorced in Michigan, you probably understood that because of your child, the two of you would continue to have at least a working relationship as you co-parent. However, you may not have anticipated the ways that your connection could affect your career. If you receive a job offer in another state, your child's other parent has a say in what happens next if you share joint custody.

How child support may be changed

When parents are married, they may not spend time thinking about whose income paid for the braces, or how much each of them contributed to the child care expenses. After a Michigan divorce, these questions become paramount. Some situations may make it difficult for a single parent who has been ordered to pay child support to keep up. According to the Michigan Supreme Court, a modification of the order may be possible, depending on several factors. 

Parental abductions: how do they happen?

An alarming number of children and adolescents are abducted each year in the United States, and a large percentage of those abducted never return home again. Contrary to what many might assume, some of these kidnappers are the parents of the children themselves. Even if the suspect is the natural or adoptive parent, Michigan laws state that taking and retaining a child with the intent to conceal the child from any other parent or legal guardian is a crime that could lead to both crippling court fines and imprisonment.

Paternity and your child

If you believe that you are the father of a child in Michigan, but you have never been married to the mother, you may be wondering whether it is a good idea to establish and assert your rights as a parent. Along with these rights come responsibilities that may seem like they will be a challenge, particularly if your relationship with the mother has been difficult or non-existent. We at The Law Office of Lorrie J. Zahodnic, P.C., have counseled many fathers in your situation about the benefits of parenthood.

The future of child custody laws

When a dissolved marriage leads to divorce, many might assume that dealing with child support and custody would be the simplest part of the process that follows. Instead, child support laws in Michigan and the rest of the United States can become incredibly difficult, and even painful. Fortunately, Michigan legislators are pushing for solutions on the tricky aspects of child custody and divorce. 

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