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How to navigate co-parenting conflicts

For divorced parents in Michigan, navigating co-parenting conflicts is not always easy. You may hold real animosity towards your ex or you might have disagreement on fundamental decisions regarding your child, such as those involving academic or medical needs. In either case, knowing how to properly manage conflict is crucial, which is why Psychology Today recommends the following tips.

Frequently asked questions about child custody

For parents in Michigan, deciding custody issues can be among the most difficult aspects of divorce. That’s why it’s so important to have the right information. There are a lot of myths surrounding child custody cases, and if you aren’t properly prepared you will have a more difficult time making your case to the judge. The American Bar Association answers the following questions so parent can will know exactly what to expect.

When back child support interferes with travel

There are many reasons why non-custodial parents should do all they can to stay current on the child support they are obligated to pay. Paying child support can be helpful for children and custodial parents, of course. After all, buying school supplies and covering other expenses can be difficult for a single parent. However, non-custodial parents obligated to pay child support should stay current for other reasons, such as avoiding the ramifications that may come with missing payments. Many people realize that falling behind on these payments can lead to arrest, wage garnishment or the interception of a tax refund. However, other consequences may also arise, such as having one's travel plans interrupted.

Studies: Joint parenting may be better for children

When parents in Michigan and across the U.S. decide to separate or file for divorce, there are a myriad of factors that must be considered. One of the most important decisions is custody and parenting time. It is easy to overlook the needs of the children involved in the situation when there are so many other things going on. While many parents are choosing sole custody arrangements in hope of providing a stable environment for their children, a meta-analysis published in the Journal of Family Psychology reported that joint custody may be the best choice for several reasons.

What kinds of questions are asked at a custody hearing?

When you are going through a divorce in Michigan that involves children, the hope is that you and your spouse are on the same page regarding custody. Unfortunately, this is often not the case and help is needed to establish the custodial parent's role and the parameters of parenting time for the non-custodial parent. According to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, either party can file a request for custody, which means you may find yourself facing your soon-to-be ex in court at a custody hearing.

How do grandparents' rights work?

After your adult child divorces, depending on how custody judgments fall in Michigan courts you may fear never seeing your grandchildren again - especially if the custodial parent is not your child, and decides to move away. What are your rights as a grandparent? Can you legally mandate visitation time with your grandchildren?

Do you get extra time with your kids during the summer?

The warm weather that sets in when spring arrives in Clinton Township means only one thing: Summer is right around the corner. If you are like most, then you typically take advantage of the extra daylight (as well as your kids not having school) to go on an extended vacation. Yet now that you are going through a divorce, how are you to still enjoy summertime activities with your kids while also having to adhere to a visitation schedule

Newborn taken from hospital following tribal court ruling

Custody proceedings can often be the most complex elements of domestic disputes due to the wide array of issues they can encompass. Disputes over custody and visitation in Clinton Township are not limited to couples; they can also involve grandparents and other family members. On top of that, jurisdiction issues can also come into play, with courts from differing states or countries issuing opposing rulings. Often, these complexities can result in seemingly outrageous results that catch both those involved as well as casual observers by complete surprise. 

Preventing and addressing parental visitation issues

When a divorce is the only solution for a family, parents and children are left to pick up the pieces and get life back to normal again. This can be difficult when one parent refuses to comply with court-ordered child custody and visitation guidelines. When a Michigan parent suspects that an ex-spouse has taken children without consent, they may choose to take legal action.  

Who has to carry health insurance for the kids?

One thing that is not affected by your divorce in Clinton Township is the love and affection you feel towards your kids. You no doubt want to continue to provide them with all they need; thus your willingness to meet your child support obligation. Yet one need that your kids will have that may be difficult to calculate is medical care. This raises the question of whether you or your ex-spouse is required to carry health insurance for your kids, and what portion of their medical expenses you will be expected to pay. 

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