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Divorce and the fear of living alone

For some people, the decision to bring a marriage to an end can be challenging because of fears about living alone. People may have many reasons for feeling this way, whether they had a very bad experience when they were younger, or they have lived with their marital partner for so long that they do not know how they will adjust to life on their own. If you are going through these challenges, it is important to review your options and take steps to prepare yourself for what lies ahead.

How can I co-parent with a narcissist?

Co-parenting with a former partner is rarely easy. This is especially true when you suspect your ex may be exhibiting signs of narcissistic personality disorder, which is a condition that causes much stress and strife within families. You can learn to cope with your ex's behavior, however, which will also enable you to provide coping tools to your kids if your ex plays a significant role in their lives. 

Lifestyle choices and filing for divorce

Marriages are brought to an end for countless reasons. Sometimes, a divorce is relatively abrupt, while other couples may divorce after discussing the idea for a number of years. Some marriages end because of abuse or financial hardships, while others may be the result of lifestyle choices. Sometimes, these issues can be intertwined. For example, a spouse may regularly go out at night with friends and come home intoxicated, which can lead to various marital problems. Or, a spouse may be unhappy with their partner’s gambling addiction, excessive travel or any other behavior that leads to disagreement and friction in the marriage.

Heart issues during your divorce

From anger to depression and anxiety, bringing a marriage to an end can lead to all sorts of negative emotions. When it comes to divorce, the entire process can be very difficult on the heart, and not just from an emotional point of view. Unfortunately, some people have developed heart problems as a result of stress brought on by the divorce process, while others who may have been dealing with high blood pressure or some other serious problem involving their heart health may find that the divorce places additional strain on their heart. As a result, it is imperative to be mindful of your heart and your stress levels during your divorce.

What is gray divorce?

Being married to the same person for decades is the dream of most newlyweds. However, long-term married couples also experience marital issues, and in some cases, they choose to divorce when these issues are too profound to deal with. Psychology Today explains gray divorce and how many people have misconceptions when older people elect to dissolve their marriages. 

Should I avoid social media when going through a divorce?

Social media usage during a divorce can be a touchy subject. While it might feel good to get things off your chest, you could find yourself in hot water for any posts you make involving your former spouse. To keep you on the straight and narrow until your divorce is final, Prevention offers the following advice. 

How can I stop blaming myself after divorce?

It's natural to feel guilty after the end of your marriage. However, not properly dealing with these feelings can have a range of ill-effects, both on you and your family. In this case, Psych Central offers some tips on how you can face the guilt that you feel and eventually overcome it. 

Filing for divorce as a newlywed

When many people picture newlyweds, they think of a couple that is in love and happily married. However, there are all sorts of reasons why people decide to file for a divorce, whether they have been married for decades or a matter of months. For example, a couple may find that they are incompatible after living together after their wedding. Or, someone may have an affair in the early stages of their marriage, or a spouse may discover certain habits their partner has that they cannot tolerate. Moreover, a spouse may even become abusive after they tie the knot.

How to help kids through a divorce

If you and your spouse decide to get a divorce in Michigan and you have children, you need to be aware that the process can be traumatic, sad and stressful for kids of all ages. You and your soon-to-be ex should discuss ahead of time how you both will handle the divorce and how you can reduce the negative effects it may have on the children.

How can you keep divorce from hurting your finances?

Perhaps one of the most difficult aspects of deciding to divorce your spouse in Michigan is the realization that you are going to have to be financially independent once again. This realization can be complicated if you still have dependents living at home that are relying on you or if you have been a homemaker throughout your marriage and have spent considerable time away from a career. 

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