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Why should you amend your will after your divorce?

You divorce in Clinton Township forces you to examine nearly every aspect of your marital life. Such a process can be extremely emotionally and mentally taxing, which is why it is not surprising so many only review those issues that they are expressly told to address. Consequently, one area that is often overlooked is that of estate planning. Say that, during your marriage, you and your spouse took the commendable step of creating a will together. The terms of your will may often not be brought up during your divorce proceedings. If, then, you never amend your will before you die, does your ex-spouse remain your beneficiary? 

How can you maintain an optimistic attitude during divorce?

If you are currently going through a divorce in Michigan, chances are you have already been faced with many challenging decisions regarding your future. Some of the choices you may have already been trying to negotiate may include child support and custody, property division and alimony. Part of your ability to make confident decisions and play an active role in facilitating the process is your ability to remain positive and optimistic despite the significant changes you are coping with. 

Helping children cope with divorce

Of the many stressful aspects of divorce, making new arrangements for children can become one of the most difficult. A warm Michigan home can seem to transform into a battleground between family members overnight. Younger children may not even understand the entire situation, which can inevitably make matters more challenging. Some may react to news of divorce in destructive ways, while others can become withdrawn and hard to conversate with.

Coping with the stress of divorce

Whether it involves children, the family dog or expensive assets, divorce is no light matter for most Michigan residents. The stress can certainly take its toll, especially when the steps of the process refuse to fall into place. While divorce can flip life upside down for some time, millions of Americans attempt to cope with the emotional baggage. Fortunately, there are a plethora of resources one can turn to during such a difficult life chapter.

A postnuptial agreement may create balance in a relationship

For couples in Michigan who find their marriage on shaky ground because of a lack of trust or other issues, a postnuptial agreement may be a way to restore balance to the relationship. For example, according to Forbes magazine, these legal documents can include a clause that defines some financial penalties if one spouse cheats

Divorcing without losing your permanent residence status

You married your spouse in good faith, expecting your new life together in Michigan to be a loving one where you both would thrive. However, sometimes relationships just do not work out. If you are an immigrant and your residency in the United States is conditional on your marriage, you may wonder whether you must stay in the unhappy relationship to keep from losing your status. We at The Law Offices of Lorrie J. Zahodnic, P.C., understand the allowances the law makes for people in these circumstances.

Important statistics about gray divorces

Although conventional "wisdom" claims that half of all marriages end in divorce, couples in Michigan do not actually face those odds. Still, according to Pew Research Center, Americans over the age of 50 who are questioning the personal value of their marital relationships are included in a group facing rising divorce rates. In 2015, based on the most recent census results, 10 out of every 1,000 couples in the 50+ age group are getting a divorce.

Mediation isn't a sprint, it is a marathon

One of the most difficult things to do when you are going through a divorce is to be patient while the process moves forward. In many cases, people want to get their divorce over and done with as quickly as possible. Trying to hurry up and rush things might be tempting, but it could lead to difficulties with the divorce.

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