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5 issues common in marriages headed for divorce

When you married your spouse in a Michigan courthouse, church or other location, you undoubtedly imagined that your relationship would last a lifetime. Whether you and your partner were “two peas in a pod” or “opposites that attracted each other,” from your wedding day forward, you likely began working to make your dreams a reality, never thinking about divorce.  

Perhaps as time passed, you had children together, started a business or simply encouraged and supported each other to live your best lives. Maybe you began to feel like something wasn’t right between you or you faced a crisis event that made it clear that your relationship was in trouble, such as your partner having an affair.  

Are these issues problematic in your relationship? 

While no two relationships are exactly alike, many spouses have cited similar issues as factors leading to divorce, such as those included in the following list:  

  • Different expectations and goals in life 
  • One spouse making the other the butt of the joke 
  • Dishonesty about money 
  • Infidelity and lack of intimacy 
  • Enjoying time apart more than together  

It’s understandable that your expectations and goals in life might change throughout the years. However, if you and your spouse no longer want the same things in your marriage or have nothing in common regarding goals for the future, it can place a tremendous strain on your relationship. Infidelity and lack of intimacy often go hand-in-hand, and many couples are unable to move past an affair to keep their relationship intact.  

A spouse that makes constant jokes at a partner’s expense might as well be asking for trouble, especially if he or she never shows affection or companionship in the relationship. Fighting over finances is another key factor toward divorce, as is spending more time apart than together as a married couple.  

Moving forward after making a decision to file for divorce 

Especially if you have children, a decision to divorce will inevitably disrupt your daily life routine in many ways. However, you might be able to relate to spouses who say they simply determined that they would rather move on in life without their partner than remain in an unhappy marriage. While the changes ahead may be challenging in more ways than one, relying on strong support from others can help ease the transition.  

There are, of course, legal implications to a decision to file for divorce, as well. The more you know ahead of time about Michigan property division guidelines and other important issues, the better informed and able to protect your interests you’ll be as you negotiate a fair settlement.