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Contested probate a key issue in Larry King’s death

Award-winning radio and television star Larry King hosted more than 50,000 interviews during his career. King’s family, friends and fans in Michigan and beyond were saddened to learn of his death on January 23, 2021. Since then, a contested probate issue has arisen regarding a handwritten note King purportedly penned in 2019 after filing for divorce from his seventh wife.

Shawn King says she will challenge the updated will

Shawn King, the estranged wife in question, says she and King never finalized their divorce and likely would not have if he had survived. She also says that she and the two sons she had with King were shocked to learn that he had secretly updated his estate plan, which appears to have included a handwritten note stating that he wanted his $2 million estate to be divided between his five children.

Shawn King says she already has attorneys working on a case because she believes someone unduly influenced King to write the note, and she wants the court to uphold his original last will and testament.

Complex issues include deaths of King’s children

Two of King’s five children are now deceased, which further complicates the contested probate matter. Shawn King says that the amount of money is not the issue but the principle of the matter. She also claims that she and King were still close friends at the time of his death and their estate plan was solid.

Support available to challenge a will

An estate owner may update his or her plan at any time, provided he or she is of sound mind at the time. Such issues are complex and often take months, even years, to resolve in court. Any Michigan resident who is currently struggling to resolve similar contested probate issues can seek support by scheduling a consultation with an experienced probate and estate administration attorney.