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Issues that lead to divorce in Michigan and beyond

Many married couples share things in common with other married couples, including the types of marital problems they experience. There are numerous issues that often lead to irreparable breakdowns in a marriage. In fact, these issues are often the precursors to divorce.

At the start of a romantic relationship, personality differences between partners are often considered attractive. However, after five, 10 or more years together, the same differences that a spouse might have once viewed as benign or even humorous might wind up becoming a severe case of incompatibility. This is often cited as a key factor in a Michigan divorce.

Disagreements and arguing about financial issues also at the head of most lists of reasons spouses file for divorce. In fact, constant bickering and conflict in general lead many people to determine that they would rather go their separate ways than stay in an unhappy relationship. When conflict centers around parenting concerns, it can make child custody issues challenging to resolve. Building a strong support network from the start provides much needed encouragement and practical assistance to a concerned parent who is fighting to protect his or her children’s best interests.

Some Michigan spouses file for divorce because their partners were having extramarital affairs. Infidelity often causes emotional trauma, which can carry over into the courtroom in a divorce. The best way to avoid confrontation in court is to act alongside experienced legal support. A family law attorney becomes a personal advocate throughout proceedings and can help a client achieve a fair settlement in an amicable yet assertive fashion.