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Don’t go to child custody hearings unprepared

The well-being of their children is a top priority for all Michigan parents. When life changes such as divorce occur, a mother or father will want to closely monitor his or her children to make sure they are coping in a healthy manner. If child custody litigation is taking place, a concerned parent will want to be as well-prepared as possible to go to court.

Most parents find it helpful to hire an experienced family law attorney as a first logical step to take in preparation for child custody proceedings. It is important to connect with an attorney who is experienced in divorce litigation and who provides recommendations and strategies that protect a parent’s rights and children’s best interests in accordance with the law. Seeking clarification of Michigan custody laws is another way to carefully prepare for proceedings.

Documentation is a critical component in child custody litigation. If a parent shows up in court without being able to show pertinent documents to the judge or jury, chances of obtaining a favorable result are diminished. It is always best to be ready to show children’s medical records, school records, text messages or any other documented information that may be an asset to the case.

In many cases, Michigan parents request sole custody of their children because they believe their co-parents have substance abuse problems or are in some way a detriment to their children’s safety or well-being. Such cases are often complex, and if parents disagree with one another, proceedings may become contentious. In such circumstances, it is especially helpful to have an attorney acting as a personal advocate in court.