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Paternity issues Michigan dads should consider

There are any number of reasons that a Michigan man may wish to establish paternity regarding a specific child. Paternity issues can be complex and may involve married couples or single parents. There are two types of paternity proceedings: voluntary and formal.

When a married woman gives birth to a child, it is legally presumed that her spouse is the baby’s father. This presumption is sometimes later determined to be incorrect. For instance, another man who is not the woman’s husband may take a paternity test and establish that he, in fact, is the biological father of the child in question.

Any man who is currently concerned about paternity matters will want to keep the following issues in mind:

  • A man may take a voluntary test to establish or deny paternity.
  • The court can order someone to take a paternity test.
  • A married man or man who is navigating divorce may have reason for taking a paternity test.
  • Child support and paternity issues often intersect.
  • When a man establishes paternity, he is acknowledging and accepting all rights, responsibilities and obligations that come with it.
  • If a single man wishes to request custody or visitation, he must first formally establish paternity of the child in question.

It might happen that a Michigan woman sues a man for child support while the man is denying that he is the child’s father. A paternity test would undoubtedly be ordered to substantiate or refute the claim. A family law attorney can provide strong support to any person currently facing legal challenges regarding paternity.