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Jennifer Garner gives divorce advice

Many years ago, fans of Hollywood stars Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner in Michigan and elsewhere followed the media reports about the couple’s romance, engagement and marriage. In 2017, however, it all came to an end when the thought-to-be happily married couple finalized their divorce. Since then, Jennifer Garner has been quite vocal about why she thinks marriages of celebrities often break up and also what she thinks is important in order to cope and move on in life.

Garner acknowledges it is difficult living in the limelight. She says it is especially challenging when two people enter a romantic relationship and are constantly seeing headlines about themselves or reading stories on social media. Garner said the pressure from other people tends to push celebrity couples into doing things like getting engaged or even married. This type of interference can take its toll on a marriage and might be a causal factor in many divorces.

In Garner’s case, she said she was constantly seeing headlines or stories posing questions about her and Affleck, such as when they would get engaged because they were such a “perfect” couple. When Garner and Affleck divorced, she says she was determined to find happiness again in life. In fact, when one of Garner’s fans lamented to her on social media that she had recently divorced, Garner advised her to fight for happiness because, she says, it is well worth it.

Many Michigan couples can relate to what it is like when the opinions of other people affect a marriage or romantic relationship. Sometimes, particularly if a spouse feels like he or she was pressured or rushed into marriage, a divorce ensues. It is easier to cope with divorce if a strong support network is built from the start. In addition to close friends or family members, a support team typically includes an experienced family law attorney.