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Divorce: When can a spouse start dating again?

If a pair of Michigan parents end their marriage, they must resolve numerous issues regarding the care and well-being of their children. Many parents incorporate specific terms into their child custody agreements, which might include instructions about what each parent may or may not do regarding new romantic relationships. How soon a parent may start dating again after filing for divorce is a complex issue that does not have a single, definitive answer.

A family court judge decides divorce or child custody proceedings based on the merits of each individual case. Several factors may have an impact on a specific issue regarding a parent’s dating relationship. In all divorce cases involving children, the court always has children’s best interests in mind when making a ruling.

If parents have signed an agreement that stipulates what each may or may not do about entering new relationships, both parties must adhere to the terms of the resulting court order. For instance, some parents sign agreements stating that they must let a co-parent meet a new partner before introducing him or her to the children. From an emotional perspective, some people have found that they experience a rush of emotions or sorrow about the loss of a marriage and rushing into dating too soon after divorce may make it more difficult to process those feelings.

Complex issues often arise in Michigan divorces regarding parental dating relationships. Whether spouses were legally separated when a particular relationship began and for how long may have an impact on a case. A parent concerned with such issues can reach out for guidance by requesting a meeting with an experienced family law attorney.