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Libbie Mugrabi reportedly happy with divorce deal

Libbie Mugrabi was married to billionaire art collector David Mugrabi for quite some time before the two decided to go their separate ways. Their impending divorce made the headlines with reports that Libbie had requested $100 million as part of her settlement. Michigan readers who are art enthusiasts may know that the Mugrabis are best known for owning more Andy Warhol artworks than anyone else in the world.

In addition to determining the value of the high asset collection, the Mugrabis had to resolve issues regarding a $72 million town home, a home in the Hamptons and child support as well. As is the case in many divorces, the Mugrabi’s marriage is said to have come to an end after Libbie Mugrabi caught her husband in the arms of another woman. Such issues often evoke strong emotions, which can make achieving a fair settlement quite challenging.

Libbie Mugrabi is reportedly satisfied with the settlement. It includes real estate, artwork, child support and alimony. In a move that many people might consider surprising under the circumstances, she will also continue to work for her former in-law’s dynastic art collection.

As many Michigan spouses understand, any number of issues can arise during property division or child custody proceedings to delay or impede a fair settlement. It is easier to avoid such complications when one relies on an experienced family law attorney for support. An attorney will act on a client’s behalf in or out of the courtroom to make sure children’s best interests are a central focus of all proceedings and that a client is getting a fair deal when marital property is divided.