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Divorce: Watch out for spouses using nasty tactics

When a Michigan married couple wants to divorce, they must resolve numerous legal issues before doing so. For those who are parents, such issues typically include child custody and child support matters. Whether these issues, property division or any other divorce concern arises, both sides must be fair to each other.

Unfortunately, some spouses take revenge against their former partners by using meanspirited, sometimes illegal tactics to gain the upper hand in divorce proceedings. For instance, a spouse who wants to keep assets away from his or her ex might try to pull off a hidden asset scheme. If a concerned spouse notices money missing from a jointly owned bank account, it is a red flag that should be investigated.

Some spouses will try to use a particular issue to their advantage in court. Perhaps, both spouses privately agree to a shared custody arrangement; then, one of the spouses suddenly files a petition for primary physical custody or sole custody, much to the surprise of the other. It might turn out that the spouse who filed the petition was doing so to use the situation as bait to get the other spouse to agree to a specific property division plan or other divorce-related issue.

Hiding assets in divorce is illegal. Using child custody matters to get a co-parent to agree on another issue is unfair. Any Michigan spouse who is concerned about nasty tactics in divorce or possible illegal activity can seek immediate support from an experienced family law attorney. An attorney’s primary goal is to protect his or her client’s rights and financial interests throughout divorce proceedings.