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Marriage therapist weighs in on divorce

A marriage therapist recently said she may have gotten her start in her career when she was a young girl who consoled her own mother after the mom had kicked the girl’s father out of the house. The girl grew up and committed her life to help married couples sort through problems in their relationships. Since then, the therapist says she has come to recognize certain issues in troubled marriages that often lead to divorce. Michigan readers who are currently considering divorce might relate to these issues.

Spouses on the brink of divorce often stop working as a team. Where once they may have had each other’s best interests in mind, they begin to take stances against each other more often than not. If a pair of spouses has drifted apart, they might stop spending time together. The more time they spend apart, the closer they might be getting to divorce.

If a spouse starts thinking he or she would be better off without his or her partner, it might be a sign that divorce is on the horizon. Some couples try counseling sessions to first to see if they can resolve their differences, but many ultimately decide to go their separate ways and start afresh without each other. No matter which spouse files for divorce, there are numerous issues a couple must discuss in order to achieve a settlement. If they have not been talking to each other much at all, negotiating terms of agreement might be challenging.

There are times in life when it helps to have an experienced attorney by one’s side. Navigating divorce is one of those times. An experienced family law attorney can protect a client’s rights to make sure he or she obtains a fair portion of marital assets and can also ensure that proceedings focus on children’s best interests if it applies in a particular case.