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Divorce issues that can be especially stressful

Whether a marriage lasts three decades or less than five years, deciding to end the relationship can be traumatic. No matter what issues or events transpired to cause a breakdown in a marriage, filing for divorce is a serious decision that has life-changing consequences. Some issues can make proceedings particularly stressful. Here are some tips for trying to navigate a divorce effectively.

If one spouse is being critical of the other, it can increase stress levels in divorce. It is important to remember that derogatory comments are often intended to hurt or to take revenge. When the goal is to obtain a fair settlement, it is helpful to try to disassociate from an ex’s attempts to be mean. Instead, it helps to approach the proceedings like a business transaction.

Divorce has a significant impact on children. If kid see their parents working together to achieve an amicable settlement, they are more likely to be able to cope in a healthy manner. However, if children are constantly exposed to parental conflict, moving on in life without emotional scars could be more challenging.

If one spouse is trying to control the other or is manipulating data to try to gain the upper hand in property division or child custody proceedings, divorce can be an all-out nightmare. This is one of many reasons it is helpful to rely on an experienced family law attorney in the courtroom. An attorney can protect a parent’s rights and can also make sure proceedings focus on children’s best interests.