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Divorce: Negotiation skills helpful for fair settlement

When a Michigan couple prepares for property division, child custody or child support proceedings, they often encounter challenges — particularly if they disagree about important issues. Divorce can be complex and stressful. However, if spouses practice good negotiation skills, they can overcome any obstacles that arise and cooperate in an amicable fashion to achieve a fair settlement.

It is understandable that a spouse who has filed for divorce may have certain goals he or she hopes to accomplish. For negotiations to remain peaceful, each spouse must be willing to listen to what the other has to say. Especially for spouses who have children, a willingness to listen and to compromise can help keep stress to a minimum.

Practicing good negotiation skills can help each spouse in working toward a win/win outcome in court. If spouses can’t reach an agreement on a specific issue, additional support can be sought. In fact, in many cases, spouses wind up deferring their decisions to the judge overseeing their case when they have been unable to resolve issues on their own.

A Michigan family law attorney who is experienced in divorce litigation can be a big help. A spouse concerned about custody, support, marital property or other issues can ask an experienced attorney to speak and act on his or her behalf during proceedings. Relying on knowledgeable legal representation in court is often a key factor to achieving a fair and agreeable settlement.