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Deceased fire fighter’s family locked in probate battle

Many Michigan families encounter problems when loved ones disagree about matters of estate. Probate issues can be complex and may take a long time to resolve in court. A group of people in another state are currently involved in several court cases surrounding the estate of a deceased firefighter.

The firefighter’s wife obtained ownership of a house he and his sister lived in when they were children. The man’s sister filed a lawsuit several years ago against his widow, seeking invalidation of the deed. Recently, however, the situation became even more complicated, resulting in the firefighter’s widow and another person filing a lawsuit against his sister.

The plaintiffs in this case have accused the woman’s husband, who is a police officer, of battery. They say he intentionally drove his patrol car into their vehicle as an act of intimidation because of the probate dispute involving his wife. The officer claims the woman who is locked in a legal battle with his wife had threatened his son outside the estate home in question, and he had called for backup and was simply using his vehicle to keep them from leaving the scene.

Most Michigan probate disputes do not wind up leading to cases being filed in federal court for abuse of authority. However, such issues can be stressful and often cause contention between family members. This is why is it always best to seek experienced legal representation before heading to court. An attorney who is well-versed in matters of estate can protect a client’s interests and help alleviate courtroom stress.