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Avoid child custody problems when school resumes

Michigan parents who are navigating new parental territory after divorce may find the back-to-school season especially challenging. Co-parents who are willing to work together as a team typically fare better than those who disagree on every child custody issue that arises. Keeping children’s best interests in mind can help keep stress to a minimum.

Many parents find it frustrating when kids lose important papers that need to be signed for a teacher or coach. When kids are traveling back and forth between households, there is an increased chance for this type of problem to occur. Having a parent backpack on hand can help resolve the issue. Such a backpack would not be placed into the children’s hands but would pass back and forth between parents.

Communication is a key to peaceful negotiations in business as well as divorce. Approaching co-parenting in a business-like manner helps avoid emotional outbursts or arguments over past marital problems. If parents do not do well interacting in person, they can choose to correspond through other written means. The point is that co-parents must stay closely connected for their children’s sake; otherwise, complications may arise when parents are not communicating with each other.

Children in Michigan and beyond fare best in divorce if both parents play active roles in their new lifestyle. Child custody issues can be complex and difficult to resolve. It pays to build a strong support network from the start, including close friends and extended family members, guidance counselors and teachers, as well as an experienced family law attorney who can help resolve any legal issues that arises.