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Unique stipulation made divorce less stressful

Michigan child custody proceedings are a top priority in any divorce that involves children. Achieving a fair settlement, especially regarding child-related issues, can be challenging and stressful. A former couple in another state, however, found that incorporating a unique stipulation into their co-parenting plan not only brought levity to their circumstances but also reminded them of some happy experiences they shared during the marriage.

The parents have two children. Part of their custody agreement allowed for the mother to take the kids to another state every July Fourth weekend, which was a family tradition when the mom and dad were married. It just so happens that during the former couple’s marriage, the wife had introduced her husband to a local pizza shop, which apparently wound up becoming his favorite pizza.

He was so enamored with the pizza that he included a provision in the parenting plan that required the mom to return from the July Fourth trips with a takeout pizza for him. At first, the mom balked at the idea, but then agreed. She admitted that what her ex had done wound up making her laugh and reminded her of the good times they had shared during their marriage. She said it made the divorce less stressful and helped them part on amicable terms so they can continue to peacefully co-parent for the sake of their children.

Not every Michigan spouse who is preparing for divorce is going to incorporate stipulations about pizza in his or her parenting plan. But this case serves as a reminder that while moving on after a divorce brings change, it does not necessarily have to end in bitterness, especially for those who have children together. An experienced family law attorney is a great asset because he or she can help a client achieve a settlement in as positive and peaceful a manner as possible.