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Kristin Cavallari requests primary child custody

E! reality star Kristin Cavallari recently made a request in court regarding her future co-parenting relationship with her ex, NFL star Jay Cutler. Cavallari is reportedly seeking primary child custody of her three children. Cutler is said to be none too happy about the situation. Michigan parents who are struggling to resolve custody issues may relate to this case.

When the couple announced their intent to divorce, people who know them well said they were willing to work together to try to keep things amicable between them and make the situation as painless as possible for all involved. The former couple has children ages 4, 5 and 7. Cutler is also said to be concerned about another important post-divorce issue. He and his ex were together for 10 years, and the family currently resides in a southern state. That may change, however, if Cavallari gets her way because she has reportedly mentioned that she plans on moving back to the West Coast with her children.

With Cutler in Tennessee and the children in California, the co-parents would undoubtedly have numerous custody and visitation issues to resolve. Other parents who have moved great distances apart after divorce have often said that it necessitates tremendous co-operation and willingness to work together as a team for the sake of the kids. Many times, there are explicit terms regarding travel or relocation incorporated into a child custody court order.

Cavallari had posted on her Instagram account that she and her ex have nothing but love and respect for each other. There is no question that Michigan parents who are on friendly terms with their exes have a greater chance of developing a peaceful child custody plan. It is not uncommon, however, for legal problems to arise after divorce, such as seem to be occurring in the Cavallari’s and Cutler‘s case, which is why it is always a good idea to stay closely connected to an experienced family law attorney who can intervene as necessary to help resolve a particular issue.