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How to determine if you should seek sole custody

All good parents love their children what is best for them. When a Michigan parent decides to divorce, he or she undoubtedly has the best intention of helping his or her children cope with the changes in their lives divorce might bring. Perhaps, in a particular set of circumstances, a parent might believe that many of those changes might be good.

Sometimes, a parent determines a need to request sole custody of his or her kids in divorce. Most Michigan family court judges agree that shared custody is typically best, unless there is a legitimate reason to request otherwise. Parents who divorce must resolve physical custody issues, as well as legal custody. The former refers to a child’s physical residence while the latter has to do with making decisions on behalf of a child.

If a parent seeks sole custody, he or she must be prepared to show just cause. For instance, if the parent in question can show evidence that the other parent is addicted to drugs or alcohol, this would be of great concern to the court. Evidence that a parent has a mental health problem or has committed domestic violence are also issues that may constitute legitimate reasons to request sole custody.

Gaining sole custody of one’s children in a Michigan divorce does not necessarily mean the other parent will not have visitation rights. A judge might rule that a parent must have supervised visits only. In some cases, however, the court might determine it best for the children involved if one of their parents has no contact with them, either temporarily or until they reach age 18. Any parent in need of guidance regarding sole custody issues may seek consultation with an experienced family law attorney for support.