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Dads, keep these child custody issues in mind

It is unfair when people assume that dads who divorce are abdicating their rights or obligations as a parent. In fact, most Michigan fathers not only want what is best for their children, they are also more than willing to provide financially and to accept their share of responsibility when it comes to helping their kids adapt to new lifestyles after divorce. Those preparing for child custody proceedings will want to keep several issues in mind as they strive to maintain active, healthy relationships with their children.

Whether quality time or quantity time is most important is debatable. It is a fact, however, that a dad will not have any time with his kids after divorce if he moves so far away from them that he is unable to travel to see them. Noncustodial dads who desire both quality and quantity time with their children are wise to seek employment and residence as close to their children’s primary homes as possible.

Especially if a father’s relationship with a co-parent is contentious, it can be challenging to develop a peaceful co-parenting plan. However, most family court judges believe shared custody is best for children whose parents get divorced. A concerned dad can reach out for support if obstacles arise that are impeding his parent/child relationships or causing legal problems regarding a shared custody agreement.

Some Michigan dads (and mothers, as well) try out the dating scene after divorce. It is helpful for co-parents to discuss such issues ahead of time, and to incorporate any rules parents agree to uphold into the official child custodycourt order. Any father who is currently facing legal problems regarding paternity, child support, co-parenting or other divorce-related issues may seek guidance and support by requesting a meeting with an experienced family law attorney.