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Child custody: Judge orders mental evaluation

When two Michigan parents disagree on child-related issues in divorce, things can get messy in court. In fact, an ongoing case in another state is evidence that when a particular set of parents has a contentious relationship, child custody battles can be difficult to resolve. Under the circumstances, the judge overseeing the case has ordered a psychological evaluation of the father.

Some time ago, the father in question filed a motion in court. At that time, he requested the court’s permission to settle all divorce and custody issues with his former wife by means of mortal combat. In the written request, the man stated that he wanted to have a duel, and that he welcomed the idea of his former wife’s attorney standing in to fight on her behalf.

The attorney asked the court to suspend the man’s visitation rights with his children. The attorney also requested that the court order the man submit to a psychological evaluation. On a recent Thursday, the judge granted the attorney’s requests.

The man in this case has publicly stated that while he may suffer from anxiety induced by the stress of his child custody battle with his ex, he is in no way insane or a threat to himself or others, particularly his children. The mental evaluation is set to take place in the near future. It is, of course, bizarre that a Michigan parent would seek the court’s approval for a sword fight in a custody dispute; however, there are many other issues than cause obstacles when divorced parents disagree about what’s best for their kids. In such cases, it is wise to seek guidance and support from an experienced family law attorney.