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Angelina Jolie files a new child custody petition

If a Michigan parent believes his or her children are at risk in the presence of the other parent, he or she may petition the court. By filing a petition, a concerned parent can seek sole physical and legal custody of the children in question. Whether the family court judge overseeing the case will grant the request depends on various factors. Hollywood superstar Angelina Jolie has gone toe-to-toe in child custody litigation with her ex, Brad Pitt.

After a contentious and lengthy court battle last year, Jolie and Pitt finally achieved a co-parenting agreement. However, recent news headlines say Jolie is heading back to court to seek a new child custody evaluation regarding Pitt. Some say the move comes as a reaction to Pitt’s supposedly restored relationship with another of his former wives, Jennifer Aniston.

Jolie apparently did an interview with a major women’s magazine, stating that she has privately demanded her children be kept away from Aniston. There are rumors, however, that one of Jolie’s children is set to act in a film that Aniston is producing. Not just in Jolie’s case but in any child custody case, a parent must have a valid reason for requesting modification of an existing court order.

A Michigan family court would want to see evidence of need, meaning proof that the parent who filed the petition can show why modification is needed. The court would also want to make certain that such a change would be in the best interests of the children involved. An ex having a friendship of which the co-parent doesn’t approve is not necessarily an issue the court would see as justification for changing an existing child custody order. If the friendship was somehow placing children at risk, there are legal steps a concerned parent may take to protect their well-being.