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Should I consider a contested or uncontested divorce?

The idea of divorce can be both painful and hopeful at the same time. You may be upset by the fact that your relationship has deteriorated enough to warrant a divorce, but you may be ready to move on to another chapter of your life. You’re looking toward the future.

But before you get too far ahead, you must determine the best way to go through your divorce. There are a few options available when it comes to divorce, but the most common routes are contested and uncontested divorce.

An uncontested divorce

Uncontested divorces occur when both spouses agree about every aspect of the divorce process. For example, you decide to file for divorce against your partner. You submit the divorce complaint, and your spouse will have to provide their answer. If you and your partner already agree about the divorce, your spouse can answer that they follow the divorce request.

Uncontested divorces are typically much faster because spouses have already discussed divorce in detail together. You will likely still have to consult with a divorce attorney to go through all the specific divorce considerations such as spousal support, child custody, and property division.

However, you will be able to avoid a judge making decisions for you. When you’re both in agreement ahead of time, it makes the divorce process a lot smoother.

A contested divorce

When a spouse does not agree with the divorce summons or both spouses cannot come to an agreement over divorce considerations, it is a contested divorce. This is the kind of divorce you’ve likely heard about before – where spouses argue over their assets or children in court.

Contested divorces can be more challenging, especially if you and your spouse are already on rough terms. This type of divorce can last much longer and will eventually take you to court, where a judge makes the final decision on all significant divorce categories.

It’s especially beneficial to consider consulting with a divorce attorney during a contested divorce. Your attorney can help you through all the essential details of the divorce and ensure you reach a satisfying outcome.

Whether you believe you’ll have a contested or uncontested divorce, you will have a work to do. The divorce process is strenuous, even when you and your spouse agree on most of the terms. But with the guidance of an attorney, you can make it through to the other side and begin the newest chapter of your life.