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Child support: Man accused of seeking it for revenge

A Michigan family court judge has a lot of responsibility when it comes to ordering child support payments. Whether the parents were once married or not, the court reviews each case to determine whether child support is warranted and, if so, in what amount. It does not matter if the parent who filed the petition is the mother or the father.

A man in another state has been accused of using the justice system to take revenge on his ex. He and the woman in question had a child together in college but were never married. The man says he has raised the child on his own, and his ex has never been a part of the picture except to pay child support.

The child’s father also said he is financially stable and does not technically need his ex’s money to provide for his child’s needs. However, he keeps tabs on her income, and requests more child support whenever she gets a raise in pay because he believes she has a parental obligation to financially contribute to his child’s life according to her ability to do so. Every state has its own guidelines regarding such issues.

If a Michigan court orders child support, both parents are required to adhere to the terms of the court order. If a parent plans to seek modification of the order, he or she must be prepared to show there has been a substantial change in circumstances to warrant the court’s intervention. Any parent who is confronting these issues may seek guidance from an experienced family law attorney.